Vermont City Marathon

The Vermont City Marathon stands as not just a test of physical endurance but as a vibrant festival that unites the entire community under the banner of health, wellness, and camaraderie. Taking place in the heart of Burlington, the event's route offers more than just a marathon; it's a scenic journey through Burlington’s most picturesque locations, including waterfront views that are as revitalizing as they are beautiful. Participants have the opportunity to engage in various capacities – from running the full marathon, relaying with a team, to cheering on friends and family from the sidelines.

The event also emphasizes community involvement and support, with numerous volunteer opportunities available for those looking to contribute without lacing up their running shoes. Local businesses and organizations play a crucial role, offering hydration stations, food, and entertainment along the course, making the marathon a true community event. Spectators are encouraged to create signs, wear costumes, and bring instruments to contribute to the lively atmosphere that makes this marathon unique.

For those seeking a less conventional marathon experience, the Vermont City Marathon offers relay options. These relays break down the full marathon distance into smaller, more manageable segments, allowing teams of runners to participate collectively in the marathon experience. It’s a fantastic way for friends, family, or coworkers to challenge themselves and support each other.

The event concludes with a post-race festival at the Burlington Waterfront, where runners and supporters alike can enjoy local food, live music, and a variety of family-friendly activities.

Race you there on May 26, 2024 at 9:00 am at the Burlington Waterfront!

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