From the crunch of classic kettle chips from Deep River Snacks to the extra cheesy, small batch popcorn coated with Cabot seriously sharp cheddar cheese, and our wide selections of classics from Wise we have the salty snacks to satisfy your cravings.  Experience the fusion of traditional flavors and innovative recipes, where each snack tells a story of its origin and artisan dedication. Whether you're hosting a private event or a company party, our snacks are the perfect pairing for your cherished moments and favorite drinks.


Embark on a flavorful journey with our snack collection, a celebration of variety that caters to every taste and setting so you can enhance your social moments and beverage experiences.

“Farrell Distributing shatters the mold of the typical business transaction between a distributor and customer. For me, doing business with Farrell is truly a partnership. We have been able to grow our business every year through Farrell’s guidance and advice. I have learned more about wine and beer through their staff than I could have ever imagined. It allows me to make intelligent and effective decisions when I write my menus. In addition, any time we have launched a fundraising effort for school programs or a charity organization, Don, Ryan and their entire team have personally volunteered and gotten behind our efforts 100%. I like doing business with other community minded, conscious businesses, and I’ve found that everyone at Farrell Distributing embodies that culture completely.”

Nathan Freund Co-owner
Sushi Yoshi

“Farrell Distributing has been a huge part of Applebee’s success over the past 20 years and even more so in the last 6 months. The response time, service and recommendations have been terrific. My hat goes off to all the men and women that make it happen every day.”

Jim Tenda, Area Director
Apple American Group

“I have so much more I could say because we do value our relationship with Farrell. Mike S., Chris V., Jimmy, Steve, Mike B., Ryan C. and the list goes on and on — we like to think of you as friends who we do business with. Mike G. is a cut above, he works extremely hard for us and we very much value this commitment and want to let you know how much we appreciate having a key account manager who takes such an interest in our business. In 1986 when I started with Jolley, we were in our “growth” stage. We were expanding from 4 stores (and 2 kiosks) to 7 locations — as of today we have 42 locations in 3 states. In many ways we have grown together and have benefited mutually from this relationship.

Kevin Perry
Jolley Associates