RTD Cocktails

We're ready to Drink Cocktails

Ready to Drink Cocktails, also referred to as RTD’s, come in many forms, from wine based, malt based as well as spirit based. Here you will find a mixture of products that fit this category from the leaders in the industry. Whether you are looking for a classic cocktail experience while on the go or an easy to serve cocktail at home give these a try.

EXPLORE OUR Ready to Drink Cocktails

Step into the world of convenience without compromise with our hand-selected array of Ready to Drink Cocktails, encompassing a diverse range from wine to malt and spirit-based options.

“Farrell Distributing continues to be an awesome partner. In addition to an amazing portfolio of craft beers and cider, they also have a dedicated and professional staff. Farrell Distributing has been a great asset to the Monkey House in building the craft beer and music scene in Winooski.”

Ryan Smith, Owner
Monkey House/Fluid Bar Service

“We would like to thank everyone at Farrell for their support and professionalism. As a new business, we could not have had such a successful start without our representative, Sarah Isham. She has been instrumental to us with her knowledge of product and being available for extensive training with our staff. She consistently goes above and beyond and her commitment to us and her work always makes us feel like valued customers. Thank you.”

Waterworks Food + Drink

“Farrell Distributing has continually shown the highest level of customer service in their industry. From the planning stages, to the initial set up, all the way through the weekly ordering process, the team at Farrell Distributing is the best! Having worked mostly in the seasonal business space, it has always been essential to be able to count on our partners to deliver during our busiest times, and Farrell Distributing always “rings the bell!”

I have been fortunate to have worked with the team for 30 years, there has never been a time where I wasn’t confident that Farrell Distributing would ensure that service wasn’t the top priority in our relationship.”

Kyle Bostwick, Buoyancy Advocate, Marina Manager
Ferry Dock Marina