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Curious about beer, wine and other beverage events in Vermont? Check out these local spots!

Vermont Lake Monsters Home Opener

The Vermont Lake Monsters' home opener marks the exciting beginning of their baseball season, inviting fans to celebrate the return of America's pastime at their scenic ballpark. This event promises a day filled with energetic gameplay, community spirit, and the cherished traditions of baseball.

Vermont City Marathon

The Vermont City Marathon, a beloved annual event, weaves through the picturesque streets of Burlington, offering runners a challenging yet beautiful course. This marathon draws participants and spectators from around the New England area, celebrating endurance, community and the breathtaking landscapes of Vermont.

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“City Market, Onion River Co-op is proud to partner with Farrell Distributing. As a leading grocery retailer in the city of Burlington, the co-op requires a high volume of beverage, beer and wine products and Farrell’s portfolio is always a constant on our shelves. Their staff is courteous, knowledgeable, professional and can be relied on whenever we are in need. Farrell is a large part of our continued growth and is truly a partner in our mission to cultivate food for the greater good.”

Cheray MacFarland (she/her), Director of Community & Marketing
City Market, Onion River Co-op

“For the past few years that I’ve been working with Farrell Distributing, it has been nothing but a great experience. Whether it's the wealth of knowledge on new or existing products or the Marketing team conducting promotions that have benefited both companies, I know I can always count on Farrell Distributing to do what’s right for our business. It has been a pleasure working with a talented team of professionals.”

Earl Locke, General Manager
McGillicuddy's on the Green

“As a restaurant group with a commitment to sourcing locally, it’s refreshing (literally) to have a beer and wine distributor share that commitment. Farrell does an excellent job connecting buyers with providers, which helps maintain relationships between alcohol buyers and those making the libations. You can also find their community support all over the state, from sponsoring events to providing marketing support when asked. These are the sorts of folks we love to work with.

Michael Cyr, Brand Manager
The Skinny Pancake/Have Your Cake Catering